Mattala Airport Construction Site Photos (One Year Ago)

Now control tower is constructed. Fully finished and ready to serve airport and aviation industry in Sri Lanka. We found some photos uploaded by Eng N.W.J Saman Kumara is very interesting.These photos describe  One year ago How Mattala airport look like. After few months time you can see now Mattala airport looks like.We'll bring you photos.


Mattala Airport (Hambantota Airport) Design Video(Plan ,Maps)

Interest about Mattala airport ? Then you must see. 

Air Force To Run Domestic Airports

Government is planning to promote local airport using Air force such as Batticaloa, Palaly, Koggala, Kalpitiya and Ampara. Air force is giving good competition for domestic airlines these days and air force have good aviation security experiences  Coz they have worked with airport and aviation security personal in Katunayake airport at war times. Read full article below which published in Sundaytimes.

Civil aviation authorities are aiming to work with the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) in operating five main domestic airports in the country, an official said. The government aviation official told the Business Times this week that plans were underway to conduct a dual operation between the civil aviation authorities and the military. It was pointed out that within the next 18 months authorities would have developed at least two airports namely China Bay and Batticaloa while the others Palaly, Koggala, Kalpitiya and Ampara would be taken up later...

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Where Is Mattala Airport (Hambantota Airport)?

Where Is Mattala Airport (Hambantota Airport)? See your self in Google maps?

note - Google images are not up to date.. Roads, Buildings, ect.. at final stage

What Do You Want To Know About Mattala Airport( Hambantota Airport)?

Most people know present government is building new airport at Hambantota,  But most people doesn't know much about it. Here are answers for frequently asked questions.

1) Is  it true that Mattala airport is building by Chinese government?
 No.. China Government is only funding. Main contractor is china harbor enginearing company.

2) Is hambantota airport project finiseh this year?
yes definitly . project will finish this year and comense operation january 2013

3)matala airport and weerawila airport are same?
No.. weerawila airport is situated at about 40km from mattala and it's airport base

4)Is mattala airport is biger than katunayake airport?
yes.. (expect to add new post which includes airport specifications)

5)what about runway? is it also bigger than katunayke airport runway?
yes.. can landed airbus 380

6)waht do you want to know about sri lanka airport ?
just mail us lankaairport@gmail.com.

Challenges and future of air traffic control in Sri Lanka

Very good article published in daily news. If you are interested in aviation industry, you must read .


Sri Lanka - EU Agreement Signed

Last Friday Sri Lanka and European Union signed Important agreement which is benefited for both parties. Agreement is about Air services  which is singed in  European council at Brussels.

Korean Air is Back from December 2013

Korean air which is canceled all their flights to Sri Lanka  years ago now is expecting to commence their flight in mid December  Korean air operate an airbus 330-300 air craft thrice a week. 

Cheaper Tickets For Passengers Using Hambantota International Airport (Mattala)

Sri Lanka Airport and Aviation (Sri Lanka)  Ltd. Chairman Mr. Prasanna wickramasooriya said that Sri Lanka's Newest Airport is expecting to issue cheaper tickets. All three Air Lines expected to use Sri Lanka is expecting give more facilities to the passengers  HIA is expecting to finish 1st phase construction end of this year and commence operation in January 2013.

Sri Lanka Government is set a goal of 400,000 passengers in first year of operation.( BIA is handling 6.2 million passengers per year).