Is Colombo Airport rent-seekers paradise ?

Controversial article (at least for this writer) was published in LBO magazine recently which describe rent seeking situation? in Colombo airport.  Yes this LBO writer is correct in some matters but not in full. New chairman Mr. Prasanna Wickramasuriya is personally attend this mater and he is putting  presser on police ,aviation security to clean up rent seekers. Now, the situation is  far better than what was in two years ago. We can surly say this new chairman is done a marvelous job to contain rent seekers, touting, and many.

We expect to write correct article about actual situation in Colombo airport. We are 100% sure colombo airport is much safer and cleaner (we should say 90%) place than two years ago.

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AirAsia’s 48 Hours Sale- 20% off All Seats, All destinations

AirAsia worlds best low cost airline, offering 20% off all seats to all destinations excluding London. Offer commence on 28th and 29th September 2009 (today and tomorrow) for the travel period begins 30th November. Promotion offer to more than 20 countries, more than 130 routes. Promotional seats are limited and available on first-come, first-served basis and made exclusively available online only.


SriLankan Caering Report Rs1.2 billion

Srilankan airlines catering wing is recorded Rs 1.2 billion and expecting further more boost with new airlines arriving back to Colombo. With dawn of peace Sri Lankan tourism industry is expecting further boost something like 30% - 50%. 
The company says they chasing new customers and recapturing the business suspended earlier.Further says SriLankan Catering is perfectly positioned with a state of the art operation and an experienced team to grasp these opportunities with both hands and propel the company towards even greater heights. Srilankan Catering, which was founded in 1979, is a BOI approved and not have to pay incometax untill 2021.The company is a member of the international Travel Catering Association,  Inflight Food Service Association of the United States.


Finaly Mihin Lanka wins?

After many years first time Mihin Lanka income in par with expenditure. Mihin Lanka had many changes, have many challenges and will have more challenges to succeed the ambition of low cost budget air line.

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Domastic aviation industry get boost

Deccan aviation lanka will invest further $1m us dolors to buy a new aircraft. It  will be 17 passenger twin engine one. There is a very high growing demand for the private aircrafts in sri Lanka  to transport domestic travellers, corporate clients and foreign tourists. New aircraft will be here at the end of this year with all the related infrastructure.

This will be the cheapest domestic airline meeting governments request for low cost domestic air transport operations. It will not look only for Colombo - Jaffna and going beyond that to other locations such as Kandy, Trincomalee.

Deccan Aviation Lanka started five years ago to cater to tourists but this did not materialize as a result of the war and the industry faced huge challenges. However, a new market has now emerged to serve corporate clients. Earlier, it catered to local companies transporting investors to visit sites in Sri Lanka and a few foreigners.

Deccan Aviation Lanka is the holder of the helicopter operator’s licence in Sri Lanka since 2004 and the Group has 24 percent equity of the company.


"Air Blue" is back after seven years

Air Blue Karachi based private airline is plan to resume  it's flight to Colombo.  This is the first time after seven years Pakistani flight is schedule to visit Colombo. But Air Blue officials are not make their final decision when  to start. 

Pakistan International Airlines’ flights to Colombo were suspended on January 1, 2002, after India refused to allow Pakistani aircraft to fly over its territory in protest against an attack on the Indian parliament on December 13, 2001.

Sri Lankan Airlines, however, continued to fly between Colombo and Karachi via Mumbai. Direct flights between the two commercial centres were started to serve about 25,000 people who travel between the two countries each year.

Aeronautical Engineering intakes 2009 will commence in September

Asian Aviation Centre, the Premier Aeronautical Engineering and Flying Academy in Sri Lanka announced that the Engineering intakes for the year 2009 will commence in September

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Deccan Aviation Lanka installs state-of-the-art fleet tracking system

Deccan Aviation Lanka has installed advanced fleet tracking equipment in all its aircraft, a company statement released today stated. The INDIGO fleet tracking system enables aircraft to be located and tracked in real time anywhere in the world.
“The commissioning of the system on all our aircraft amounts to a quantum leap in our flight operations technology, on par with the leading airlines in the world. With Indigo, all our aircraft will be tracked on a digital map display directly from our operations centre in the airport and even from any remote location”, stated Mr. Suren Mirchandani, Managing Director, Deccan Aviation Lanka.
Developed in Australia, the INDIGO system currently tracks over 500 aircraft across 5 continents, and enables an airline to receive real-time data on the position of each of its aircraft, and a host of management and engineering data that provides real time feedback. The system allows for an airline to manage multiple aircraft across domestic or international airspace.
Absolute knowledge of the whereabouts of an aircraft is essential for the safety of the passengers and crew.
This is particularly true in the event of an accident, where the immediate evacuation of injured people is critical. Tracking systems position-reporting capability removes the "Search" from "Search and Rescue".
The unit is equipped with an Alert Button, which, when deployed, will immediately send the aircraft's position and emergency situation to the concerned parties.
The system uses the new Inmarsat D2 satellite service to provide large SMS message capability between the aircraft and ground. The crew can build and send text messages from the aircraft using a simple "dial-and-click" interface to advise the Ops center of information such as ETA, weather conditions and fuel requirements at intermediate destinations. Similarly, Deccan Lanka operations canter can advise the crew of airfield conditions or changes, passenger requirements or additional routings.

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Domestic airline Deccan Aviation Lanka LTD's Invesments ramp up

Domestic airline and helicopter operator Deccan Aviation Lanka announce the opening of a check in lounge and facility in Colombo city. Similar to city check facilities in European metros, the conveniently located modern facility enables passengers to chek in directly in the city while enjoying the facilities at the lounge. Passengers will then be transferred via luxury coaches to the airport for their onward flight to Jaffna.