Sri Lankan change to AirLanka. uniforms, green to blue.

As we report earlier [first to report ] Sri lankan airline making their way to begin changes now. Company management decision to change brand name not yet approved by the political powers. But new blue colour cabin crew uniforms samples arrived last week.
Lanka Airport and Aviation blog learn that changes may effect from 1st of January 2011 and first time after five years SriLankan airlines is expect loss for the financial year 2010.


Swine Flue scanner at Katunayaka Airport to be deactivated

Swine flue is already in the country and it's spreading across schools. So then why screening people for flu at the airport ? more than sixty odd staff for that only? Yes, very correctly government is decided to deactivate two swine flue scanners.

Two scanners only scan human body temperature. In other words those are infrared thermal cameras. cameras cannot check anything else other than the body temperature.

This is real video how thermal cameras work.

Sri Lanka Air force Museum ready to reopen

In 1979 Sri lanka air force museum was started in one hanger at katunayake air base. Now again museum ready to re open again with all types of air crafts, Items with historical values and great photo's and video's.
The museum has 47 craft with 31 varieties, of which six have been coaxed gently by skilled hands to fly again. 

The pieces de resistance, however, are the LTTE’s ZLIN 143 which had terrorized Colombo but been shot down by the SLAF over Katunayake in February this year and the LTTE gun mounted on a tractor silenced by the SLAF in the Wanni also can be seen here.

Etihad resume flisghts

Etihad airways to resume it's flights operation to CMB Sri Lanka.  Recently carried out security audit and Airline auditors were very happy about the security situation in the airport and cargo village.
The airline will operate four A320 flights a week starting in January 2010.


New Air Cargo terminal open in January 2010

New air cargo building will open in near future at Colombo airport knowns as Babdaranayake International Airport. This building is believe to be open in January 2010. Currently this building is using Mihin Lanka Airline. 

This Building was build more than five years ago, But never opened for Air Cargo operations. Mihin Lanka use this building for their office complex  and their Airport services vehicle park for free (Never paid). Sometimes use this building for standby location to VVIP movements.

After new export building is opened existing cargo terminal building will handle imports. The 13,300 square metre building will be on one floors and have facilities for perishables, courier cargo, mail, cool and freezer rooms, animal holding rooms and quarantine offices.


SriLankan to become AirLanka again?

Former president J.R Jayawardana created SriLankans own airline called MONARA AIR in late seventies. MONARA AIR became AirLanka in early eighties and AirLanka became SriLankan when AirLanka sold to Emirates.

Now again, confident inside information said that present management of Sri Lankan airlines to change the name of airline as AirLanka.

Another unconfirmed sorce says managemennt of SriLankan air line is plannning to shutdown whole SriLankan airline LTD and establish new company naming it as AirLanka.

As our sorce of information this change is still discussing and we'll publish further developments here.

Currently sri lanka government running two airlines called Mihin Lanka and SriLankan but Mihin Lanka doesn't have their own aircrafts and have only one dry leased aircraft. On the other hand SriLankan airlines have only one fully owned aircraft (320) and 11 leased once's totaling 12 aircrafts.

Ten rules to find best,cheapest product from Colombo Airport duty free shops

If u want to buy a good and cheapest product from Colombo air port duty free (arrival)? People search web for find answer for this. We recommend to flow the following rules. Otherwise there is a big chance to loose your money or end up buying bad product.

First collect your all baggage's and ready to go shopping...

1.We recommend to look for a famous branded product and go to it's dealers shop first. For an example if you are looking to buy a Sony TV then go to "seadles" shop or LG TV go to "Abans" or"Singer" shop.

2.Chose a product model and compare the prises in other shops. Sometimes sales assistants encourage you to buy at their shops. Don't fall in to that. Take your time walk around and find cheapest of the selected model. Most of the time u can see brand dealers shops offers the cheapest prise but not always.

3.We recommend not buy things like Mobile phones, Electric irons, Blenders,Computer parts, water kettles ...ect. Normally these products are under 30us$ and u can find same product in Colombo city for much cheaper prise.

4.We advise no to buy all things at one shop. Follow first and second rule for each product. This may take time but surely you end up with best and cheapest items.

5.After selecting items ask sales assistant to operate it then make sure it is in working condition and see without any damages,scratches to surfers.Remember this is impotent. Don't forget ask a valid guarantee card.

6.We strongly recommend you to count your money in front of sales assistant and ask him to count in front of you. Beware !.Some are doing magics to disappear your currency notes. For an example think you pay 100us$ in 10 notes each value is exact 10 us$. Some bad sales assistants up there change 10us$ currency notes in to one us$ note in a split of a second(While another one interfering you) and ask for another 9$. Beware! this kind of things are common in Colombo airport duty free shops(arrival) and make sure to keep all the attention on the money which you are paying.

7.But we recommend you to pay in cash other than using credit cards or debit cards. We only recommend to use credit or debit cards at world famous "alphpa orient lanka"(liker shop).

8.We advise you to ask for a porter to carry your things.They will transport your things in to your vehicle safely. For the porter only pay Rs100/= . Don't bother about what they say and don't think you waste 100/=.

9.If you are buying liker bottles ask one bag for each bottle and make sure they all pack well before transporting. You carry your bottles while porter take care of other things. In an average day 3-6 liquor bottles broke in terminal only.So take care of your bottles.

10.We advise to load your things in correct side. Look at the sings printed. Porter will do it but we advise you to supervise loading. If you looking for a taxi always ask for airport taxi's. Airport taxi's charges are 5% higher than normal but Airport staff guarantee the safety of your things and arrange comfortable journey to your home or hotel.

Oman Air will come to Sri Lanka

Oman government run airline is expanding and they recently starts services to Frankfurt, Munich and Paris. Next destination in their line up is Colombo and male. Oman Air is expecting to come to Colombo from end of October or beginning of November. 

We will publish full report later...


Transit expand in colombo airport

Bandaranayaka International Airport management is expect to expand transit area in side the terminal. It's not clear that new approvals for duty free shops are given at the moment but clearly All airlines offices (airport service offices) are moving to newly build 2nd Flor.

There are lot of duty free shops in transit area but lack of space for transit passengers to rest. New day rooms and office complex also under construction in terminal building.


Jet Airways add Nuwara Eliya to "JetEscapes"

Jet Airways, India's premier international airline adds Nuwara Eliya to their famous complete Holiday package called "JetEscapes". Jet Airways offers range of compleate holiday packages such as Honeymoon, Beach, Adventure, Cultural, Wildlife, Corporate Travel, Family.

Jet Airways offers very affordable rates inclusive of air taxes and surcharges.