SriLankan to become AirLanka again?

Former president J.R Jayawardana created SriLankans own airline called MONARA AIR in late seventies. MONARA AIR became AirLanka in early eighties and AirLanka became SriLankan when AirLanka sold to Emirates.

Now again, confident inside information said that present management of Sri Lankan airlines to change the name of airline as AirLanka.

Another unconfirmed sorce says managemennt of SriLankan air line is plannning to shutdown whole SriLankan airline LTD and establish new company naming it as AirLanka.

As our sorce of information this change is still discussing and we'll publish further developments here.

Currently sri lanka government running two airlines called Mihin Lanka and SriLankan but Mihin Lanka doesn't have their own aircrafts and have only one dry leased aircraft. On the other hand SriLankan airlines have only one fully owned aircraft (320) and 11 leased once's totaling 12 aircrafts.