Deccan Aviation Lanka installs state-of-the-art fleet tracking system

Deccan Aviation Lanka has installed advanced fleet tracking equipment in all its aircraft, a company statement released today stated. The INDIGO fleet tracking system enables aircraft to be located and tracked in real time anywhere in the world.
“The commissioning of the system on all our aircraft amounts to a quantum leap in our flight operations technology, on par with the leading airlines in the world. With Indigo, all our aircraft will be tracked on a digital map display directly from our operations centre in the airport and even from any remote location”, stated Mr. Suren Mirchandani, Managing Director, Deccan Aviation Lanka.
Developed in Australia, the INDIGO system currently tracks over 500 aircraft across 5 continents, and enables an airline to receive real-time data on the position of each of its aircraft, and a host of management and engineering data that provides real time feedback. The system allows for an airline to manage multiple aircraft across domestic or international airspace.
Absolute knowledge of the whereabouts of an aircraft is essential for the safety of the passengers and crew.
This is particularly true in the event of an accident, where the immediate evacuation of injured people is critical. Tracking systems position-reporting capability removes the "Search" from "Search and Rescue".
The unit is equipped with an Alert Button, which, when deployed, will immediately send the aircraft's position and emergency situation to the concerned parties.
The system uses the new Inmarsat D2 satellite service to provide large SMS message capability between the aircraft and ground. The crew can build and send text messages from the aircraft using a simple "dial-and-click" interface to advise the Ops center of information such as ETA, weather conditions and fuel requirements at intermediate destinations. Similarly, Deccan Lanka operations canter can advise the crew of airfield conditions or changes, passenger requirements or additional routings.

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