Air force officers robbed foreigner

Aviation security staff and Air force

On 12th January 2008 one foreigner came to the airport to go to his homeland(Germany) after a couple of weeks visit in sri lanka. He has only got 500 euros in his pocket. Moment before he was come threw the walk threw metal detector, he put his wallet in to his bag for the x'ray screening.

After that Air force officer ordered to open the bag and checked. While foreigner was collecting his other bags air force officer took 100 euro note of the foreigners wallet without a knowledge of the foreigner and gave it to a another officer. 2nd mention officer gave that to third officer well known as micro ushi kumara.

This whole story was filmed and watched by vigilant aviation security officer who worked as CCTV operator and he informed it to his Superior for further investigation.

Aviation security personal told "We heard,We saw, lot of bad things like this in the past done by some air force officers,But no one got punished or not taken a single action. I am sure this time also will be same"

This blogger got a chance to speake with the above mention foreigner. He said" I was shocked,Why? because this was d0ne by a government air force officer, this is not a mater of 100 euros, this is a matter of individual security of passengers who visit Colombo air port."

He further says " People says Colombo is a dangerous place to visit,now i have a proof for that, not because of terrorist, because of sri lanka air force"

"As I believe these passenger screening should done by aviation security personals because they are well trained and some trained in foreign countries only for passenger and baggage screening. Is air force train for this? All international airports have their own Aviation security division and all security duties done by aviation security personals except one country.It's Uganda."Well known Air line manager told to us.

He further says" These type of complains about air force is now common and now it's getting worse. In one meeting with Airport and Aviation minister we requested to remove air force in terminal who done work which should be done by aviation security"

Taking whole security situation in airport as one incident this bloggers believe well trained (for passenger and baggage screening ) aviation security is much much better than air fore for the airport terminal duties and security. But we are not telling Aviation security is perfect. they are good at it. Let them do it.

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