All VIPs and govt officials to travel on SriLankan Airlines

Mar 28, Colombo: With the ending of the deal with Emirates Airlines, the Sri Lankan government has taken a policy decision to use SriLankan Airlines for all foreign visits by all VIPs and government officials.

The new management of SriLankan expects to elevate it as the state airline under commercial standards. SriLankan Airlines is scheduled to launch a number of programs with its commencement under the new management on April 1, 2008.

Meanwhile, Minister of Ports and Aviation Chamal Rajapaksa has instructed the new management to take immediate measures to solve long-standing employee and salary problems. Sri Lankans traveling abroad to visit their relatives and Sri Lankans who are living abroad, returning to visit their relatives here, will be offered special concessionary rates under the news plans.

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Jack Point said...

Very good. Will the ministers be paying for their fares?

Or will this be another expensive perk?

And will there be room for ordinary travellers, what with the security entourages and whatnot that will accompany the lot?