Mihin Lanka Added New Flight - Airbus 320-200

Sri Lanka's state owned airline Mihin Lanka added another plane to their line up. It is from airbus company of France (Airbus 320-200). Few days ago Mihin Lanka Chief pilot and technical staff went to inspect the flight and after inspections plane arrived to BIA on 21st November.

New Mihin Lanka CEO Kapila Chandrasena took over the plane at BIA and this is the second flight added to Mihin Lanka with in last six months.

Mihin Lanka operates to eight destinations in the Middle East, Indian sub-continent and Southeast Asia in addition to providing seamless connectivity to over 50 destinations via its partner Sri Lanka Airlines. In early September it launched its service to Bahrain and within next few months Mihin Lanka launch services to Madurai, Kathmandu and New Delhi.

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Anonymous said...

Why bother? I thought Mihin Air was struggling with debt and incompetent management for the second time.

* Tania